Fundamentals of an Holistic Lifestyle

Holistic care is the natural way to realign your life; to clear away the cobwebs and reinvigorate your world. Once you start chasing that rabbit, it becomes very clear that you have been missing out on so much due to the dangerous trap and complications associated with the mainstream 'normal' lifestyle. The holistic lifestyle may … Continue reading Fundamentals of an Holistic Lifestyle

The Law of Attraction

In the past, I have set long term goals, worked on monthly intentions, but nothing ever seemed to STICK. This year I am focused on manifesting my intentions. I will be working at keeping my energy and thoughts focused on my intentions to bring them into existence. As we all experienced, 2020 was a year … Continue reading The Law of Attraction

Foods You Should Give a Crap About

constipation bloating energy crash  weight- gain diarrhea  high cholesterol food sensitivities skin issues depression high blood pressure any of these sound like you? You are NOT getting enough fiber!!!!!!! As a nation, we are malnourished Focused more on our macronutrients (carbs, proteins, fats) and not enough on our micronutrients (vitamins, essential minerals) Ranked 43rd in life … Continue reading Foods You Should Give a Crap About