Morning Rituals that Empower

My mornings consisted of pushing SNOOZE 2-3 times, throwing on dry shampoo, rushing the boys and I out the door to get to school (and all the lunches, breakfasts, paper signing, homework checking etc... ) By the time the three of us were out of the house, our nerves were on edge and we were … Continue reading Morning Rituals that Empower

2019 Seek. flourish. Bloom

My 2019 was filled with intentions. I wanted to get away from "resolutions" (as those led me down a tunnel of failure, guilt, and quitting) I wanted to try something new, something different that gave me the ability to seek new information, flourish with the habits I wanted to nourish, and bloom within the imperfect … Continue reading 2019 Seek. flourish. Bloom