2019 Seek. flourish. Bloom

My 2019 was filled with intentions. I wanted to get away from “resolutions” (as those led me down a tunnel of failure, guilt, and quitting) I wanted to try something new, something different that gave me the ability to seek new information, flourish with the habits I wanted to nourish, and bloom within the imperfect muddy mess.

Throughout the year, I dedicated myself to…

drink more water

incorporate more yoga and meditation in my life

Run more

Read more

drink less

Focus on my self-care and my family


Stephen Covey- “Seek first to understand and then to be understood.”

OIPIt is important to me that I “KNOW” what I am talking about or ‘KNOW” what and why I stand for something. With that in mind, I went into each month with a new book that led me through my intention.  Some of these books made life altering impressions on me. IMG_6260

Quench by Dana Cohen and Gina Bria

The Alcohol Experiment by Annie Grace

The Little Book of Hygge by Meeik Wiking

Parenting in the Present Moment by Carla Naumburg

Unfu*k Yourself by Gary John Bishop

Good Mornings by Linnea Dunne

If You’re so Smart, Why Aren’t You Happy? by Raj Raghunathan

Atomic Habits by James Clear

Each of these books was a partner with me through each month and helped me understand my WHY each step of the way.


“What you focus on flourishes”


These tiny intentions made a big difference in my 2019.  The surprising power of each of these books gave me the start to each month that set me on the right path.  My focus or intentions created actions and each of those actions became habits.

In 2019, I started ...

to drink more waterwater

to understand the power of water and in contrast the power of alcohol on the body

my yoga teacher training which has led me down the path of


 a better understanding of my chakras, the incredible power of meditation and gratitude, and the rituals (pranayams) that bring peace and wellness in my daily life.

a book club that has over 9 MOMs that meet monthly— our goal is to step outside our comfort zone to read books we wouldn’t normally read, discuss them, and meet together for fellowship and fun.

my pursuit towards understanding and bringing techniques of emotional poverty to public schools. IMG_4470

a jump into the therapy deep end- gone are the days of ‘just snapping out of it’   which led me to mindfulness, self-care, and the focus on what was most important to me— my family.

Each of these seeds have been planted, and I am thrilled to see each of them flourish in 2020.


“no mud, no lotus”


I am not perfect, and 2019 did not make me perfect.

But, there is progress…

And, there is MUD…

This year is more about acceptance of the muddy water and blooming anyway; blooming with ease.

I want to live like the lotus. I want to make a difference in myself, in my world, in my home.

I want 2020 to be my best year… YET!  I hope you will follow me this year as I take a look at my habits, try to create new ones, but nourish the seeds I have already planted.

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