Wellness Through 7 Dimensions

The Covid-19 World has placed a QUICK HALT on everything around me. At first, I had no idea how serious this was and, as a healthy person/family, I wasn’t sure how this would affect my life.  It has become very clear, in the last few days, how important it is that we all take the facts, warnings seriously and take care of ourselves.

I do have to look at this as a blessing in my life as it has allowed me to…
  • spend more time with my boys 
  • focus on the wellness and health of my family

This is a very scary, unprecedented time that we are in, so I wanted to reach out and support you all with ideas on how to focus on the 7 dimensions of your personal wellness.  These dimensions can help improve your overall well-being and make this time of stress a little easier. 


  • This has to do with acceptance.  Accepting that you may not always feel calm or img_6837‘together’.  Focus on processing your emotions and validate each emotion—  name the emotion and then finding a way (BREATHE) to tame that emotion.
    • meditation challenges
    • journaling
    • yoga
    • get some Vitamin D


  • Social support is very important during this time, it is a fundamental need.  Unfortunately, it is also a time of ‘social distancing’. It is important to foster close relationships and make an effort to connect with at least 1 person every single day.
    • Marco Polo
    • Face time
    • rely on your family to help you process the emotions


  • A healthy spiritual life can help you feel connected to the world.  By searching for IMG_7079your purpose or personal meaning in this world, the world can be understood.  Practice reflective activities…
    • meditation
    • mindful focus
    • CALM app
    • journal


  • Engage in meaningful work, work that allows you to express your spiritual journey.  If you do work that you love, your life and personal-wellness has more meaning.
    • Find a time during your day to engage in something that makes you happy- share it with the world.
      • Facebook Live
      • Blog


  • Your body is the tenement in which you move through the world – It is vital that you treat it with kindness.
    • drink plenty of water
    • get enough sleep
    • WASH your hands
    • take a walk
    • eat the Rainbow


  • We are always on the lookout for depth and meaning to harvest curiosity and engage/challenge our minds.
    • Get off your phone!!!!
    • play a board game
    • READ (read about how I started a neighborhood book club)
    • socialize with people who have a different perspective


  • This is where you work, live, and relax.  It is important that you surround yourself with environments that nurture your wellbeing through the other 6 dimensions.
    • Hygge your home (read my post on how to incorporate this into your life)
    • Identify and stay away from toxic people/places
    • plant a garden

Yes, this was written in response to the Covid-19 outbreak- but it can apply to your life at anytime.  Focus on these 7 dimensions daily for a holistic approach to your wellness.



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