10 Podcasts Worth Listening to

“A good Mom sacrifices”

“Don’t be so dramatic”

“Tame your emotions”

“Good parents are selfless”

For the last 37 years, I have watched my mother unapologetically create, manage, dream, and play. She has worked hard, played hard, and loved big all the while never sacrificing – And she has been a great mother. She has lived- and will continue to live! This didn’t teach me that being a good mother meant sacrifice and martyr yourself in the name of your children’s happiness. It means quite the opposite. While I watched her work for her goals and reach for her dreams — I learned that I could selfishly do the same without needing to apologize, without hurting those around me.

What if, a ‘good’ mother doesn’t endure suffering through sacrifice but instead lives their full life- allowing their children to live their full life?

Growing up, I was made fun of and called ‘the drama queen’ in regards to my emotions. Those big emotions, my connection to the world,  my desire for comfort made others feel uncomfortable.  I was pushed into shame, in becoming smaller for others- a corner that allows others to feel more at ease around me. As an adult, I try hard to fit in the corners of a room, to blend in as much as possible to prevent others from pointing at my light.  This has caused social anxiety, alcohol as a ‘edge smoother’, and self doubt.

What if, full and raw emotions were a way of living a true life, A life in which you no longer need to apologize for?

Through my self discovery with these feelings and my desire to live a full life, I have come across 10 podcasts that support, encourage, and clarify my emotions and dreams.

I believe these are the top 10 Podcasts that will untame and unleash the unbelievable person that is inside of you. 

1. The Life Stylist Podcast by Luke Storey– A former fashion stylist that interviews and communicates his message of a ‘lifestyle design based on health, spirituality, and personal development.

2.The Life Coach School with Brooke Castillo– A master coach instructor talking and walking you through real coaching and lessons. Take action.

3.Invisibilia– Latin for invisible things. This NPR podcast blends narrative stories with science that will help the listener see their life differently. The forces that shape behaviors to help untame your life

4. Good Life Project – Intimate conversations with life-changers, status quo questioners to help the listener engage fully in their life.

5. Unlocking US by Brene Brown– The author of Daring Greatly and social scientist researching courage and vulnerability.  She interviews game-changers in this field that help you get out their and live fully.

6. UnF*ck Your Brain-NO BS, straight talking master confidence coach, Kara Loewentheil, takes on anxiety, big emotions, and self-empowerment.

7. Sierra Unfiltered– Sierra Schultzzie and her friend Skylar Politt talk about self-image, body image, and accepting yourself.

8. This Naked Mind by Annie Grace– From the author of The Naked Mind and the 30 Day Alcohol Experiment.  A podcast that helps those wanting to walk away from the chains of alcohol.

9. Happier with Gretchen Rubin– The author of The Happiness Project and Better Than Before gives advice on creating happier and better habits.

10. Unapologetically Abundant – Petia Kolibova, a life coach interviewing and coaching women into a strong mindset, confidence, and empowerment to getting everything they desire.

I hope you find something that will get you to question your status quo and go against the grain.  Unleash your potential and get listening.

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