10 Habits to Start Today

It has been five weeks since the ‘stay-at-home’ order has been put into place.  Like many of you, our house jumped into action. A virtual school routine began, a designated learning area was put into place, and a structure for me to be able to work from home was managed. Until recently the adrenaline was driving our emotions, but grief started to seep from our bodies like a balloon deflating. The boys started missing their friends, the realization that I may not go back to work this school year has sunk in, and the four walls of our home started to get smaller.  Our armor started to crack a bit, and the emotions of how REAL this ‘new normal’ actually is started to show through.  With that, a week ago, the boys and I started to focus on 10 habits to ease some of this ‘weary’ that we are starting to feel.

#1 Drink more water

If you follow my blog, Omnivore2Herbivore for follow me on Instagram @aubreysteinbrink, you know that I push WATER. Water is the answer to almost everything negative; it cleans out, increases digestion, reduces inflammation, and boosts the immune system. Click here to read a blog post I wrote over a year ago about the importance of drinking water and Hydration habits.


  • warm lemon water – add Himilayan salt (just a pinch) in the morning
  • 8 oz before every meal
  • aim for half your weight in ounces of clean water

This has become such an important part of our daily lives, that my youngest son asks his Kinder teacher if she is drinking enough water. 

#2 Practice Gratitude

Research shows that this kind of practice can actually strengthen immunity and lower blood pressure- PLUS, it can increase happiness and well-being. img_7444

  • Journal what you are grateful for every morning or every evening
  • Share with your family something that you are grateful for
  • Place a note in a mason jar every single day of something you were grateful for that day and read them aloud at dinner or breakfast at the end of the month.

#3 Make sleep a priority

My favorite part of the day is my bedtime routine, or ritual.  My family knows that this is my Uninterrupted time; bath, cup of warm chamomile tea, reading.  insufficient sleep is a worldwide epidemic, and with the stress of Covid-19 it has gotten even worse.

“When sleep is of poor quality it can impair our immune response. In addition, poor sleep might result in ‘flare-ups’ of other chronic illnesses,” The Sleep Health Foundation experts point out.

  • make your bed and keep your sheets clean img_7446
  • drink warm tea, water or Golden Latte with turmeric
  • meditate, breathe, or journal before bed
  • Create a Lavender essential oil spray for your pillow
  • light a candle

#4 Give yourself Grace

It is not okay to beat yourself up for feeling your feelings.  It is never okay to use comparative suffering as an excuse to not grieve this loss. Validate, name and acknowledge the emotion that you are having, lean into it, and/or talk about it.  The moment you tell yourself you shouldn’t feel a certain way, you start to hide the emotion, or pretend it isn’t there—-It will backfire.

  • validate your feelings
  • give yourself permission to feel it
  • practice self-care (make yourself a priority)

Parents, teachers, nurses, doctors etc… cannot pull from an empty bucket.

#5 Move

Our body is where we store our adrenaline, toxic negativity, and anxiety.  Physical movement stimulates various brain chemicals that may leave you feeling happier, more relaxed and less anxious. Exercise delivers oxygen and nutrients to your tissues which has a tremendous effect on your cardiovascular and immune systems.  150 minutes of moderate exercise a week improves sleep and helps you fall asleep easier.

  • yoga,
  • walking,
  • jogging

#6 Eat Leafy Greens

Kale and Spinach and mustard greens! Oh My!!! These hardy vegetables are perfect in breakfast smoothies, lunch salads, and sautéed for dinner.  Focus on eating leafy greens at 2 of your meals a day to increase magnesium, potassium, and calcium intake for stronger immunity, healthier skin, and lower stress levels.

#7 PranayamaCapture

There are so many reasons to begin a breathing practice. The breath is the center of a yoga, meditation practice.  Once you learn to control the breath with a pranayama, oxygen will begin to circulate bringing oxygen to all the tissues making you feel lighter and more vigor throughout the day. The breath is the cornerstone to anxiety and stress.

#8 Take your vitamins

Just a few weeks ago, I started taking vitamins as a daily routine.  I took the Persona Vitamin quiz, and their team of doctors suggested a few vitamins that my diet was lacking. I was very skeptical because I figured I ate well enough— but I have never felt better.  In the morning, I am focused with energy. In the evenings, I am calm with enough energy to get the evening routines finished.  I highly recommend trying this product.

#9 Get Outside

The sun provides such an amazing escape from the harsh lights.  The fresh air is invigorating. I have never really been a gym rat for I would much rather workout outdoors where I feel most alive. Take off your shoes and walk through the grass, inhale the fresh, clean air and soak up that Vitamin D.  Getting outside can increase mental clarity, improve short-term memory, decrease stress and inflammation.

  • go on a picnic in your front yard
  • take the learning outside
  • grab some chalk and leave messages for walkers

#10 Make a To Do List

I am very Type A, so this is not new for me. It has, however, become even more important during this time of ‘shelter-in-place’.  Without a ‘purpose’ or ‘to do list’, it is difficult to feel accomplished and more like a hamster on a wheel going nowhere.

  • The boys write down their assignments each morning on post-its (when it is complete, they toss them)
  • When I am journaling in the morning, I take a moment to write down a few things that need to get accomplished TODAY (short-term) and something I would like to start/complete that is focused on a long-term goal.


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