2 Strategies to Conquer Weight Loss

“Would you like to know how to lose weight without having to give up anything?”

Strategy 1-

Eat more vegetables!

Strategy 2- 

Eat in 3 Courses!

Dieting relies on calorie restriction and portion control which rarely works.  In a world where food has become available at our finger-tips; cheap and quick- many of us find our weight creeping up. Hunger is our survival mechanism that is telling us that you are calorie deficient. The good news is that by choosing whole foods, mostly plants, you can trust that hunger. Vegetables are what our bodies thrive on due to their nutritional density.

Health = Nutrients/Calories

Strategy 1

The Veggie Paradox is the scientific strategy of adding at least 1 extra serving of veggies (or fruit) prior to what you would normally eat.  When you eat whole fruits/vegetables, you fill yourself up with low-calorie, fiber-rich, nutrient-rich foods that will leave you less hungry for those processed (convenience) foods.

Start each meal by preloading with a big salad, bowl of miso soup, handful of berries or a whole apple.

 Strategy 2

The term ‘crowd out’ has become a buzz word in the world of nutrition. The idea of ‘crowd out’ comes down to filling your plate and stomach with foods you SHOULD eat and stop thinking about what you SHOULD NOT eat.  A more positive approach to a healthier lifestyle. The best way to ‘crowd out’ is the Three-Stage Eating strategy.

First course (preload) + Second course (satiating whole foods) + Third course (calorie-dense) = NO ROOM FOR THE BAD

First Course: whole fruits and vegetables——- Nutrient dense foods—

salads, steamed broccoli, broth soups, berries, cucumbers, tomatoes

Second Course: Satiating Foods— whole foods that will fill

Quinoa, ancient grains, sweet potatoes, garbanzo beans, black beans, hummus, edamame, squash, carrots, plantains, barley, oats, Corn, wheat berries

Third Course (optional) – calorie -dense foods

Brazil nuts, pumpkin seeds, dried apricots, dehydrated apples, avocados, olives, walnuts, whole grain pastas, nut milks, tofu (most complete protein out there)

Once you start eating like this and it becomes second nature, go ahead and place these courses on 1 plate and eat in order. Until then, divide each meal into courses to train yourself to be mindful and get your priorities right.


There is no need to deprive, fast, or restrict yourself when trying to lose weight.  This process should not include shame or guilt. I hope you find these strategies as helpful as I do.


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