Foods You Should Give a Crap About



energy crash

 weight- gain


high cholesterol

food sensitivities

skin issues


high blood pressure 

any of these sound like you?

You are NOT getting enough fiber!!!!!!!


As a nation,

we are malnourished
Focused more on our macronutrients (carbs, proteins, fats) and not enough on our micronutrients (vitamins, essential minerals)
Ranked 43rd in life expectancy
most of us average only 15 grams a fiber a day (recommendation 25-35 grams)
we contribute over 9 million deaths by heart disease to the 17 million world-wide
$327 Billion in diabetes costs with 1.4 million new cases every single year

We are NOT getting enough fiber!!!!

The Solution——- Fiber Fuel your Diet

  1. Veggie Out at every meal-— Plant-base every meal— Veggie focused—Veggies first1
  2. Learn to Love and Portion lentils-— * Gas is NOT a sign to eliminate this food— it is a sign that your gut microbiome isn’t flourishing. This can only improve if we  learn to portion these foods and reintroduce these foods into our diets.  The Whole30 craze has created a nation of orthorexia (individuals that are afraid to eat) which reduces the health of our gut microbiome.  Without this ‘second brain’ (gut), our body cannot support health. 2
  3. Nuts— add to smoothies, snack on almonds or pistachios, top oatmeal, create vegan cheese from cashews3
  4. Flax and chia-—add 1 TBSP to smoothies, oatmeal, cereals, nut yogurts4
  5. Eat whole grains—add oats to baked goods, smoothies, don’t be afraid of a potato6
  6. Whole Fruits— preload breakfast and lunch with whole fruits, chop up dehydrated fruits and add to oatmeal7

Increased amounts of fiber are helpful for weight loss, helps lower cholesterol, helps prevent colon cancer, regulates blood pressure, lowers glucose levels, lowers your risk of type 2 diabetes, and has even been linked to a lower breast cancer rate. Pooping has never been more popular. Keep yourself poopin on the reg by incorporating these foods— plant based foods that could save your life.


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