Meditation for Beginners

“Meditation is not you going through thoughts-It’s letting thoughts go through you”

Naval Ravikant

Meditation is an awesome tool that can …

bring peace of mind,


spiritual connection,

lower stress and anxiety,

develop intuition, and

reduce depression.

But, with all the listed benefits, many people still shy away from the practice.

For beginners, meditation might seem a bit daunting as you scroll through the beautiful Instagram posts of serene yogis in perfect lotus poses telling you to LOSE YOUR THOUGHTS. Or the thought that you must practice for long hours daily while sitting still.

These are all myths!!!

Let me take you through a quick beginners guide on meditation that will help you get started today.


  • sitting on a chair
  • laying in bed
  • walking barefoot through the grass
  • walking with your dog
  • sitting in lotus (EZ Pose) on a meditation pillow


  • you have undisturbed amount of time (5-30 minutes)
  • frequently
  • before bed
  • as you rise for the day
  • after journaling
  • before the kids get home from school
  • before the family wakes up in the morning


  • Sit comfortably
  • Focus on the breath (3 -part breath)*
  • Notice the thoughts that arise (observe them)
  • Let the thoughts pass and come back to the present by focusing on the breath
  • Aim for 5 minutes
  • Practice and build


  • Guided Meditation – where someone walks you through step by step
  • Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction
  • Transcendental Meditation with mantras
  • Walking Meditations


  • lowers blood pressure
  • Reduces stress, depression, anxiety
  • clearer mind
  • Supports Brain function and emotional functions

Our lives are filled with chaos and distractions, meditation is a great way to push all of that to the side and rid yourself of those distractions around you. Meditation can help bring more enjoyment to your life by improving our connections with those that we love. Here are three of my favorite meditations I like to teach to my beginners. You can also find these on my YOUTUBE channel and website.

*Three-Part Breath

Sit comfortably

Watch your breath for several rounds – observe the length of the inhale and exhale and how your body expanding or contracting- You will sit at each stage for 5 inhales and exhales-

Place your hand on your ‘belly’; feel the breath rise in the belly toward your hands on the inhale and move away from the hands on the exhale

Place your hands on your ribs. On each inhale, breathe into the abdomen, and then the mid-chest. Breathe out from the mid-chest and then the abdomen.

Finally, place your hand on your upper chest. Breathe into the abdomen, then the mid-chest, and then the upper-chest. Breathe out in reverse.

This is your full breath.

Continue to breathe for the entirety of your meditation, but with your arms resting to the side.

Walking (Crystal Singing Bowl Link)

Head outside. Take it in through all of your senses; sights, sounds, feel (barefoot), smells. Notice your thoughts, allow them to pass and guide your awareness back to your walking meditation.

Loving-Kindness/Offering well Wishes

Soften your gaze and begin by picturing yourself. See yourself in a place of joy and peace. “May you be happy, may you be healthy, may you be peaceful’ (say to yourself) (repeat 3x)

Next, picture a person you love; completely and perfectly. See this person surrounded by light and say to them, “May you be happy, may you be healthy, may you be peaceful.’ (repeat 3x)

See the image of a neutral person in your life; someone you walked by today, a person that helped you today. Imagine this person with just as much love and light as the person you love. “May you be happy, may you be healthy, may you be peaceful” (repeat 3x)

Create a picture of someone you are currently struggling with. See this person with compassion, love, and kindness and repeat the message 3x.

Finally, bring the message to all beings. End the practice with a global message of peace and light repeating 3x.

Sit in stillness and observe your thoughts/emotions.

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