Don’t Confuse Bravery with Fearlessness

"Brave means living from the inside out. Brave means, in every uncertain moment, turning inward, feeling for the Knowing, and speaking it out loud."- Glennon Doyle, UntamedAs I read this in Glennon Doyle's book, Untamed, it was one of the first times I actually caught myself gasping while reading.  I have actually stood in front … Continue reading Don’t Confuse Bravery with Fearlessness

10 Habits to Start Today

It has been five weeks since the 'stay-at-home' order has been put into place.  Like many of you, our house jumped into action. A virtual school routine began, a designated learning area was put into place, and a structure for me to be able to work from home was managed. Until recently the adrenaline was … Continue reading 10 Habits to Start Today