How to Eat for Optimal Health

The tragic news: Over 600,000 people die each year due to illnesses caused by what we eat. The great news: foods we consume can treat and even reverse these diseases- no medicine or crazy side effects needed. Dr. Greger’s book, How Not to Die, breaks down today’s top leading killers, as well as the foods that we can eat to prevent and even reverse them He calls these foods the Daily Dozen.

Daily Dozen

On your healthy eating journey it is important to include these Daily Dozens but, even more important, remove the harmful foods from your diet. This will make a huge impact on your health. The list looks long, and at first I was a little overwhelmed with the amount of food I needed to consume for optimal health. I started laying it all out according to the serving sizes to then create recipes that allowed me to easily consume these high quality, whole, plant based foods.

I am going to show you how I create three meals from these Daily Dozens.



Smoothies are a great way to get your leafy greens, nuts, flaxseed, spices and berries in.

  • 1/2c spinach
  • berries
  • turmeric
  • half banana
  • 1/4 flaxseed
  • 1/4 nuts
  • 1/4 oats
  • 8 oz almond milk and blend

Energy Bites use up the rest of the oats, flaxseed, cooked buckwheat, dried fruit. I eat with the other half of banana from the smoothie and another whole fruit.

Thankfully coffee is still on the list as a beverage (no creamer with added sugar).


This part of the day needs to be something I can consume on the go, and after my smoothie and energy bites/fruit- I am not usually starved.

  • 2 servings of hummus 1/2c (2 servings of beans)
  • 2 cups of raw vegetables (one cruciferous )
  • I may throw in some whole grain pita bread or almond crackers


Something comforting for dinner and something easy that can get all the Daily Dozens in.



buddha bowl

Tonight, we mixed in mushrooms, onion, garlic, with veggie broth, quinoa, golden potato, spinach and black beans. Voila!

The evening is usually my time for reflection and decompression, so a lavender, chamomile tea and a book is a perfect way to end my day.

At first, it can look overwhelming. It surprised me how much food I needed to actually consume, but, in the end, it is always doable and the addition to flaxseed, water and turmeric has helped with my digestion better than anything I have every used before.

The Daily Dozen

There is even an app for your phone, Daily Dozen, that can help plan your daily goals toward optimal health. Check out the research Dr. Greger and his team dedicate their lives to at or purchase his book, How Not to Die by clicking on the link.

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